Country By Country Reporting - Year-Ended 31 December 2014

Capital adequacy

Article 89 of the EU Directive 2013/36/EU otherwise known as the Capital Requirements Directive IV ('CRD IV') requires Permira Debt Managers Holdings Limited to report annually the following information for the year ended 31 December 2014:

(a) Name(s), nature of activities and geographical location;

(b) Turnover;

(c) Number of employees on a full time equivalent basis.

(d) Profit or loss before tax

(e) Corporation tax paid; and

(f) Public subsidies received.

Permira Debt Managers Holdings Limited has one direct subsidiary undertaking, Permira Debt Managers Limited. Under Regulation 4(1) Permira Debt Managers Limited has chosen to avail itself of the exemption to satisfy its requirements of CRD IV reporting through its parent company Permira Debt Managers Holdings Limited, who has published the required information for all undertakings in the group. As such, the information supplied to comply with the above disclosures is made on a consolidated basis:


Year ended 31 December 2014
Nature of activities The main activity of the institutions is to act as an investment sub-manager, adviser and sub-adviser to certain debt investment vehicles.
Geographical Location United Kingdom
Entities Permira Debt Managers Holdings Ltd.
Permira Debt Managers Ltd.

  United Kingdom Group Total
No. Employees 15 15
Turnover 4,162 4,162
Profit (or loss) before tax (826) (826)
Cash tax (paid)/reclaimed on profit or loss (98) (98)
Public subsidies received - -

PWC report (PDF file)