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Securing the capital needed to grow an ambitious business is often challenging. That is why companies need the support of a partner with long term capital and a heritage of success.

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Supporting businesses across all sectors

At Permira Debt Managers, we finance businesses across a wide range of economic sectors. We understand what is needed to manage capital efficiently and realise a company’s potential for future growth.

Our funds seek to provide credit solutions to successful, medium-sized European businesses. We invest capital on bespoke terms since we believe that no two companies look the same. Since inception in 2007, our funds are proud to have provided over €4.0bn of capital deployed to 104 businesses in 12 European countries. We have supported companies across diverse industries from publishing, theme parks, cinemas and restaurants, to industrial gears, sofa retailers and Aerospace suppliers.

A winning approach

We understand what it takes to build a great business, and pride ourselves on acting as a true partner to families, owners and entrepreneurs undertaking this challenge. The Permira Debt Managers funds support growth across Europe and help businesses to realise their goals. In many cases, we are also able to provide advice and guidance borne from years of experience, as well as connections to some of Europe’s most influential business leaders. We always seek to leverage the wealth of knowledge that exists within the wider Permira group.

When the Permira Debt Managers funds invest in a business, we take all the relevant factors into account, and decisions are made by people rather than computers. We look for ambitious companies with a history of success, and the funds typically provide long-term capital for five years or more. During the investment period, the companies we partner with have real day-to-day access to the decision makers in our business – an approach that has been proven to drive growth time and time again.

Alternative credit strategy

Our structured credit business provides long term capital to CLO managers in both the primary and secondary capital markets. This strategy relies on the excellent risk/reward characteristics inherent in senior secured debt, typically issued by larger leverage buyouts. We specialise in the most junior parts of the capital structure especially equity where our credit-led approach provides the greatest differentiation.