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We pride ourselves on finding credit solutions in even the most complex and challenging circumstances. However, as a disciplined custodian of our investors’ capital, there are a number of criteria that we typically like to see.

Primarily, the PDM funds support businesses that:

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Leading and defensible position in their chosen market

The funds partner with businesses that are the best at what they do. In a world of information where news travels fast, even relatively small businesses need to do one thing exceptionally well.

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Demonstrate robust historical financial performance

We work with businesses to ascertain their performance in the context of the market conditions and other relevant factors, to understand the story behind the numbers.

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Generate strong cash flows

The funds’ minimum investment is typically €10m so we generally need to see a business that can generate at least €5m of EBITDA, although we will look at backing acquisition-led strategies.

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Are led by an experienced management team

Business is about people. So it is critical for us to secure a good relationship with a credible management team capable of steering the business through all economic conditions.

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Have significant operations in Europe

The PDM funds invest in businesses with substantial European operations. Our teams understand country-specific issues and use their experience to access local networks and language.

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Are ambitious to grow

We back companies with strong potential for growth and robust plans to do so. Our funds' capital can finance growth, replace existing financing, or help find value-added acquisitions.

*As at 28 February 2018
**Countries in which PDM funds have invested based on HQ of company