Sector: Industrials

Business Overview

  • Established in the Toulouse region of France in 1978, Sotralu is a leading European manufacturer of locking sets and rollers for aluminium sliding windows. Sotralu designs, manufactures and sells a comprehensive range of locks, handles, hardware and rollers.
  • The firm is supported by an experienced and high-quality management team.
  • The business benefits from a very positive customer perception due to: (i) strong technical expertise; (ii) close and long-lasting relationship with key decision makers and R&D teams; (iii) best-in-class service quality; and (iv) its ability to deliver innovation to meet customers’ needs
  • The Group acquired Erreti (Italy) in 2015 and GNS (Portugal) in 2018. The addition of these businesses has enhanced Sotralu’s offering with complementary aluminium product ranges for other types of windows, and geographic diversification

Investment Thesis

  • Market-leading position in Europe, particularly in France
  • Attractive market segment supported by increased penetration of aluminium products
  • Long-lasting and sticky relationships with its diversified customer base
  • Resilient business model supported by good products, channel diversification and flexible cost base
  • Strategic growth opportunities through execution of buy-and-build strategy